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Yaris Radio Fault

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Hi all, I am new to forums and interweb so please be gentle!!

A few days ago the radio in my yaris started to make a crackle noise from one of the Speakers, about half an hour later the sound packed in totally.

I have a little knowledge around cars so I took the radio and cd out to see if there was a loose wire as we have only had the car a couple of weeks....everything was good.

The radio and cd still seem to work, i.e, you can play a cd and change stations but no sound whatsoever??

Is there a fuse that could have blown or does the display/trip computer act as an amp and that has blown?? If so, would I have the same problem if I installed a bog standard radio/cd player from Halfords or somewhere?

Any help appreciated as the wife is a terrible singer!!!

Forgot to mention.....it's a 51 plate yaris GLS 1.0 if that makes a difference?



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Hi Neil

I suggest first off removing the stereo and check the connections on the back and check the harness.

Hopefully its just a loose connection

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