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Leather Scratches

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I know a few of you here are very good at detailing you cars, giving them a showroom feel. Well, i recently only realized after a day of getting in and out of my car that a button on the back of my jeans was bent and therefore fairly sharp, so on the drivers seat there are several scratches on the leather (left cheek area), it has not torn it, but my eye goes straight to it now and it's driving me crazy, so any tips on a effective way to reduce its uglyness? i treat my seats with leather conditioner often but that doesn't hide the scratch/scuffs.

Cheers guys

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You could try the stuff for treating scuffed heels on shoes - apply with a cotton bud and then buff in/off with your usual leather treatment.

It worked on our leather sofa...............

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As Aycee above says, Gliptone products very reputable, and also log on to Furniture Clinic who are very helpful peeps.

Big kev

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Depending on the scratch you can introduce with old style shoe polish. Completely buff off the surface and then finish with leather restorer. Some use indelible marker pen on black and then condition. Personally, I don't use paint such as glyptol - it's horrible.

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