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Tyres For Gen 3 T4 Prius

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Sorry - I'm sure this has been done before but I couldn't see anything recent

I need new tyres for my Gen 3 T4 Prius

The current tyres are Michelin Primacy 215/45 R17 B7W

Are these the best to replace it with or is there anything else that is better?

Thanks in advance

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I would strongly recommend getting the current variant of the Michelin Primacy. The original ones on my 2009 GIII had around 2.5 mm tread left at 55,000 miles.

I replaced these with Kumho K115 ventus prime 2. These are rated as C for rolling resistance, against the Michelin's E, so they should be noticeably better for MPG. They aren't! They are consistently just over 2 mpg worse over the entire temperature range. I'm not too worried about this, as the difference in cost compensated for the lifetime increase in fuel use. Although it does leave me wondering just how useful the new tyre ratings are.

However, if you buy online (Blackcircles, Etyres etc.), the cost difference is much less now, so the Michelin is much the better choice from these two. Also, I have had to replace two of the Kumhos because of punctures (in 35,000 miles), but none of the Michelins (in 55,000 miles). Probably not statistically significant, but enough to colour my decision for the next replacement set.

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