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Rattle Noise

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after a week of owning my t-sport, (loving every second of it) i've noticed a rattling noise.

The noise can easily be heard in the car or if I've got the car door open i can hear it come from underneath towards the front of the car, it can also be heard when cruisin at around 2000 rpm the noise is constant or if i'm stationary and I've got foot on until it hits 2krpm, I can also hear the noise at gear change.

there is no noise on idle or if i floor the accelerator of light and go through gear change.

I suspect either Cat/Exhaust or heatshield is loose but i have very little mechanical knowledge and due to the crap weather am unable to get under the car.

has anyone experienced or had a similar issue to this, if so how was it fixed?


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in addition to this, i've uploaded video to youtube of the sound (video is black), it's not as loud when actually driving and this noise cannot really be heard as loud when outside the car, i had my friend standing outside the car and he couldn't really hear it.

in the video, rev's i didnt take revs above 2.5k.
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mechanic had a look at it when he done my brakes. he said the heatshield which run round the back of the engine was loose. he tightened it and i've not heard back from that noise.

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