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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and to the toyota scene :D

got myself a X plate Corolla 1.4 VVti 3 Dr. So far car has been ok-ish with one niggly fault...otherwise car is spot on.

I've come from a vW scene (diesel lol) so petrol is a more refined and 'quieter' fluid for me lol

Problem: (there akways has to be one :))

Car runs fine when started from cold, when fully warm (about 15-20 mins) then it starts juddering, like somthing it 'holding it back'. It's almost as if its not receiving enough fuel to accelerate.

I have put on a new backbox- exhaust since buying the car 4 weeks ago and given it a full service (spark plugs, filters, Oil etc).

I've used a carburettor cleaner to spray down the airbox (don't know what it's called) and also used redex mixed with petrol aswell as put redex down the airbox neck. The car has improved in performance in terms of more mpg and smoothness...but the problem still creturns when engne fully heated up... :ss

any ideas what it can be folks?

Thanks and appreciate any form of help.

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Thanks for the warm welcome,

I havent had muh time to navigate through this dorum but I will hopefully find my way to

the 'techy' bit where i'm hopeful someone could help me with this problem.

Thanks :)

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