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Coolant Loss - White Dust On Inside Of Dash

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Hi all need some advice, Santa brought me a coolant leak on Christmas.

Noticed that the car is loosing coolant every two days. I keep topping it up , but it seems to go down when its driven. The car is 2.0 d4d 2007 111200 miles on the clock. I read so many posts about that this is the first signs of head gasket failure, since its done over 100000 miles I guess Toyota will not cover any thing under warranty.

Here are some of the symptoms that I read about in head gasket issues, but I haven't noticed it in my car.

Symptoms Not present -

White powder on engine bay.

Signs of Coolant leak from under the car.

Wasn't able to check near water pump.

No white smoke when car is running,(but first time car starts and warms up cold there is white steam )

No change in Oil levels or color

No residue on the engine Oil cap

What other symptoms should I look for signs of head gasket failures.

Symptoms present

Coolant loss. have to top it up every two / three days about 2 -3 cups (only if I drive the car in these days)

White powder /dust on top of dashboard, noticed it come out when trying to demist windows.

On Christmas day after a long drive and parked up for a long time, Noticed condensation on the inside of front window a patch the size of the window demist hole, its almost like steam has come out from the demist and cooled off on the windscreen/

The last point makes me think there is a leak in the heater matrix, and not a head gasket issue (fingers and balls crossed praying).

Does anyone have a guide or steps on how to remove the matrix and check for leaks? Appreciated any advice or help.

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Get down to your Toyota dealer as you may just be within the maximum mileage limit for the extended warranty and make some enquiries.


Edit :- Age / Mileage Covered

These guidelines cover vehicles up to 7 years old and 111,846 miles (180,000 km), whichever the sooner. This is conditional on there being a retail customer complaint and the vehicle having been reasonably maintained".

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I took it down to the Toyota dealers and they did a test and then said that it was a blown head gasket and the engine needs replaced. At first they said its not covered by warranty but then I said that the on the forum people have indicated that is covered for 180,000Km and 7 years, where as my car is just over 6 and its done 111625 miles. Just about. He then went away and came back and said they will need me to drive it for a further 600 mile to do a Oil consumption test. I am not sure if that was said to fob me off so I go over the mileage or if that was a valid thing they test. Does anyone have a full copy of the Toyota bulletin?

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Hi all, I though it will give everyone an update and thank everyone on this forum and especially t-spiritpete for his words of wisdom. I took the car down Toyota dealers and they agreed to replace the engine under the head gasket recall even though my car had done 111600+ Miles. Now that's what I call service. Today I got the car back just over a week in the workshop, all in all I am happy bunny. And All thanks to some great advice from this forum.

Now fingers crossed it stays like that for a while. :)

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