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Rav Xt-R Cvt 2L

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Hu guys,

I own a Corolla T-Sport and have used these forums in the past - the replies people have given me are really great as I know little about cars!!

I'm after some advice (well information really!) - as I love my Corolla, I have just put a deposit down on a 09 Rav 4 XT-R CVT (59 plate), 2L

I'm getting a little confused with all the different types of models and was hoping someone who knows about the range could help.

It is a beautiful car and has almost every (as far as I know) optional extra - some are standrd I think though (leather seats, sat nav, parking camera, bluetooth, automatic lights/wipers, the Smart Engine Start thing etc).

Reading on lots of sites, a lot of the spec above could be added - but looking at the list, it loosk more like a XT5 to me? The Smart Enging Start, automatic rain sensing wipes, dusk sensing lights, rear parking camera all seems like it is standard in the XT5.

Some further info I found on the Toyota site (finding a old brouchure isn't particularly easy), but it seems to suggest the XT-R comes with parking sensors - this one doesn't apparently..but we are paying to get them added.

Anyone who could add some comments would be really appreicated!!


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Welcome to the club.

Your CVT is actually quite rare in that it is not often specified. In 2009 the XT-R was up specced to include new engines and transmissions. However, the only thing different with yours is the sat nav/camera which at the time was a £1500 extra (shcm will confirm as he had it). You can get body coloured parking sensors for them and if you are handy you can fit them yourself.

Other than that keep in touch and enjoy the car. It would be interesting to know how you get on with the limited slip diff and traction control in the snow or is it a 4WD?

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thanks for that! Hoping it ia quite a good deal!

we got them to fit the sensors for us (included) - so that is all good.

So did the XT-R definitely not come with the sensors? A 2008 brouchure I found stated they were standard in the XT-R....

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Hi Bugster,

When I bought my XT5 in April 2008, I downloaded the .pdf brochure from the Toyota site and still have it ( I'm fairly sure that I have a genuine Toyota printed version as well ). I'm not sure when the brochure changed and if the version I have is relevant to your motor, but if you want a copy just let me know.

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So did the XT-R definitely not come with the sensors? A 2008 brouchure I found stated they were standard in the XT-R....

If it's any help... I used to own a 10 plate XT-R CVT model and the rear parking sensors were not standard, they had to be fitted as part of the Protection Pack.

Ancs, the CVT box works very well in the snow as you can move the car on little more revs than engine tick over (using the creep function). The 4wd system worked very well when 'launching' the car at the lights...

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