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Gen 2 - Clock Dropped Into Dash

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A week or so ago, glanced over to clock to see a blank hole, which probably matched my expression at the tlme. On further examination the clock had dropped into the dash and despite best efforts there was no pulling it out, just succeeded in pushing further into dash. I couldn't see an easy way of getting into it.

Did a bit of research and found several people reporting similar in America, which included a quote from a dealer of $100 to get it back in place. Apparently you have to remove the MFD which involves removing most of the dash. I managed to get instructions (many thanks Chris Dragon), and as I had time today put aside several hours.

I found there was basically seven parts of dash to remove in a specific order to get at the clock namely lower dash (centre on top of carpet), drivers side vent at window, dashboard panels behind steering wheel, vents either side of MFD and the MFD. Basically was not looking forward to this and any breakages were not going to be cheap.

20/25 mins job done and clock and dash back in place, found by being very carefull I managed to get by without completely removing the dash panels behind the steering wheel and I only needed to loosen them to allow sufficient movement to let me remove the vent next to the MFD. All the other panels did have to come off but weren't to difficult. Must admit I was relieved particlarly as usually I find plastic clips and panels break too easily, but on this occasion nothing broke and all clipped back.

I got by with a cross headed screwdriver and a 10mm socket for the MFD. The rest was all about getting the right order and pulling, pushing etc with fingers to free parts. Chris's instructions were great for the order and where the clips on the panels were when pushing and pulling (had to remember re mine being a RHD as instructions for LHD).

Anybody else had this issue. I have no idea why it dropped out of dash as it clipped back in securely.

After that success I think I might next try the heated door mirrors upgrade I saw on the Prius chat forum, it looks reasonably cheap and easy, or maybe I've pushed my luck far enough!!!

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Just joined to add to this post.

I had an identical problem with the clock.

My simpler solution:

Tools : tweezers, hands free torch, sticky tape, thin wire, fishing line(short length)

- I used 15kg line.


- Used tweezers to tilt clock about 90 degrees so that line can be thread to back

of clock . Started line below clock.

Next, sticky tape or 2nd tweezer to grab loost end of line above clock.

Gently pull assembly back into location.

Pull line out.


Time : I am not fast but it took me 10mins messing with fish line.

Am sure you guys can get it done in 5mins or less.

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Nicely figured, pity you didn't have problem before me!!!. My initial ham fisted efforts to pull clock out only resulted in pushing it quite a distance into the dash.

Did you notice any particular reason yours dropped into dash as mine clicked in quite solidly when refitted and I didn't touch it when it had fallen in.

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Hi there pmf,

Yes, mine also clicked in solidly.

However, it is prone to young grandsons pushing all buttons and brightly lit clock panels

to find out if display changes.

Cant tell grandson off for following adults touch screen actions.

Ten minutes (probably faster next time) - I can live with seeing grandsons expression.

suggest you a small spot of glue to clock surround(out of view area) before

pulling assembly back.

Good luck!

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