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New Owner To An Old Corolla

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i shall be collecting my most recent toyota purchase a 1991 corolla, 85,00 miles and a full service history

this is going to be my daily drive, but i may do the odd tweak,

the hilux forum dont belive i will leave it standard as i have modified the hilux pickup i own very extensively

so is there anything i need to look out for, hints or suggestions,

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Depends what model it is and what sort of hints you're looking for mate! If it's a GTi-16 then my advice is lower it 40mm on springs, fit some lighter alloys with sticky tyres and fit it out with poly-bushes.

In terms of maintenance, just get nice oils from Opie such as Fuchs Titan Super Syn 5W40 and just enjoy the car!

Rust will be your major killer so waxoil the underside like it's the last car ever built.


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alas its a standard 1.3 a gl i think i would of loved somat sporty, but i got to keep this one as a cheap motor, well i hope to

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