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Alternator And Water Pump Belt Help?

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Hi guys new to forum and need some help with my alternator and water pump belt.

Basically I am 99% sure it snapped over Christmas and I broke down due to it.

The breakdown recovery guy said he thought my thermostat had jammed and my engine overheated but after a bit of research I think the belt is the problem.

The Battery warning light had been flashing on and off for a couple of days before it and was on solid for about 5 mins before my engine overheated and blew the hose of my radiator.

I am no car mechanic but I can only see one belt on the pulleys next to my engine and the owner manual talks about two.

The problems I have and hope you guys can help with is I am a bit skint after Christmas and was hoping you guys could give me some info on how to find out what part I need and info on how to fit it, if I can? Had a good look on the net but info was thin on the ground.

The Starlet is in the car park at my flat but I cant drive it to the garage without risking the engine overheating and my Battery is flat from the hazards being on when getting towed so cant start it either.

Having a nightmare Chris.

Thinking about it, any help or info would be great.

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