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Im New :-) I Have A Little Toyota

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Mark here.

Had to sell My Big V6 golf, Its all about the cash really from £1000 Insurence to £250, 22 mpg to 62 the list goes on.

Got myself a little Aygo (08) like new 50k miles .

Has most bits Air Con, electric windows and remote locking :-)

Sure its not golf in terms of speed but its cool, goes round them mini round-a-bouts a dream and the parking well its a different level

so far so good

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Hope i wont need luck :-0, Have the little ting just for cost, so far so good 70-75 miles a week and about 15 quid a week, about half or better than my old car as well as from £250 to £20 tax and £900 to £230 insure.

My new little Aygo has done 50k since new in 08, and looks brand new inside and out apart from a mising parcel shelf thats it :-) everything seams to work apart from the odd mirrors Oh and the rear heated win connector came off :-(

The engine bay is spotless and the underside of the car also looks new :-) there does seam to be a little break squeal maybe needs new pads and a service but apart from that so far so good.

I have heard the storys of the clutch and i am able to get a recon clutch from a Local firm £50 and fitted for 100 so thats not too bad

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