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4Afe Injectors

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Hello to all,

Iv been having trouble with the starting of the car the past few months. At first I thought it was an immobilizer issue amoungst many other but now im starting to think its an injector issue. It can take a while for the car to turn over and if it does start up straight it makes a type of gurgling noise and is chugging in the low revs (800rpm). After about 30secs it jumps up to 1500rpm (which is the revs my old 4efe engine would start on). There is also a lot of white/gray smoke. I know that white smoke is usually link to the head gasket but that seems to be fine, no coolant dropping/leaking.

Also i had my NCT during the week so i put some of that injector stuff in to help bring emissions down. The smoke out the pipes dropped a lot while i was using that stuff and has come back towards the end of the week hence why im thinking its an injector issue.

Is there a simple way to see if there is an open injector? Also is there an easy way of fixing this or would changing all the injectors be needed? From a clip i watched on youtube (different car but exactly the same type of start up and smoke out the pipes) they said it was the wiring. Is the wiring being cooked a common symptom for this engine in a corolla?

Thanks for any advice

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