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hello guy,s here,s a problem i have a toyota avensis 1999 1.9 intermittet abs light, i switch on ign, light come,s on start engine light goe,s out as it should this happens 3 time.s sometimes 4, then switch ign, on again and it stay,s on switch it off four a few hrs. and it doe,s the ruddy thing allover again, had it done on diagnostic,s unable to read ecu, ps, to old for toyota dealer,s software so they say.. so there must be a genius out ther somewhere who can help solve my problem, thank,s

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I'm no genius and this is a difficult one but if it was my car and having years of experience on vehicles I would start at the cheapest option first, I would check all the electrical connections/plugs where the ABS sensors are located at each wheel hub then if all OK there then take out each sensor and clean the crap off the end which reads the ABS toothed ring in the hub. After this it may become expensive especially if you don't work on cars yourself.

Just as a last thought ... if the ABS system has a fuse and it should have one, I would clean the fuse contacts or fit a new fuse before all the above because that's even easier to do and it just may solve this starange fault. LOL.

Good luck .... Pete.

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