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I have just changed the Oil in my 2l diesel and am a little concerned.

I only removed 3 litres of Oil and put over 5 back in. It was last serviced 6k ago so should it have used 2l in that time? I also noticed a little bit of Oil where the injectors are - possible leaky seal? I have cleaned it up for now and will monitor.

Also, around the sides of the sump (not the bolt) were oily although it didn't seem to be fresh. I took some pics and will upload.

For now I need to defrost, not nice lying on the snow!

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does appear oily so you might have a leak somewhere but with regards to Oil consumption the spec is 1l per 1k miles so it seems your using 1l per 3k so well within range.

have you noticed spots of Oil on your drive? i would clean the area off and keep a regular check on it


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