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Removal Front Seats

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to remove the front seats do you have to disconnect the Battery and leave disconnected for about 15 minutes for the srs system to discharge before un plugging the seat air bags or can i just unplug and reconnect with the Battery still connected,also does the factory radio cd use a security code that needs to be entered

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I know you are supposed to disconnect and wait - it's a safety thing, so professionals really need to follow that rule or an accident could result in prosecution (never mind the injury).

But TBH, when I took my driver's seat out to fit a sub-woofer I just disconnected the plug under the seat ('just' ha-ha, it was quite a faff to do it).

On mine it is for the seatbelt pre-tensioner, there's no airbag on the seat, so little risk of injury if it goes bang anyway. Usual disclaimers though if you do this - at your own risk, etc.

My factory radio doesn't have a code but you don't say what model, year, etc, you have so ???

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i am not sure what the audio model number is but our aygo is an 2009 aygo black if that helps

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Radio has no code. And you only have to wait for about 2 minutes for the Airbag-system to discharge.

When your seats haven't got airbags there's only a plug for the seatbelt-buzzer, not a pre-tensioner...

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