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Good Times,bad Times !

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post-125565-0-48133700-1359181845_thumb.Ah it's been an interesting week.I lost my job :( but my new toy arrived though I admit I prob wouldnt have ordered it if I knew I'd be destined for the dole queue :(

~~ Sorry I hit post while I was stil writing this topic,fool ~~

My magnahelic gauge came today,if you've not heard of them before (I tried to post a pic but it hasnt worked) they measure pressure both +ve and -ve.

Positive pressure and vaccum and pressure differential.It may not sound that exciting but with it you can measure such diverse things like the airflow overall restriction in the induction side of your engine and also at specific points.You're exhausts back pressure.Where the high pressure areas are at the front of the car or over the bonne when driving,air pressure in the engine bay.

Mm and why would you want to know you may be wondering.Well you could determine where the air pressure is highest at the front which would be an ideal place to site the intake of a cold air intake,on the bonnet to site vents and use the high pressure to draw out hot air.

If the pressure under the bonnet is high it can hinder the air flow across the radiator.Finding the point of greatest restriction in the intake can help in improving it if you're like me and a born modifier that would rather do your own mods rather than buy an off the shelf induction kit.With it you can measure how restrictive your cat truly is etc,etc the uses are numerous.

And now I've got a lot more time on my hands unexpectedly I can measure a lot of factors about my car that before I had a sense of but was unable to genuinely quantify and compare.

I will post any findings of interest here once i've sussed out how to use it to best effect.i hope it may be of some interest to somebody whether practical or not.


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Hi Bob

I'm so sorry to hear about your job loss....its a bummer...but i always believe when something major like that happens...our dear lord has a plan...for something better to come...so keep positive...be patient...and you will reap the rewards life has to offer or more still to come.

As for all your technical stuff...blows right over my head lol...but i'm sure another clever clog will be along soon to join in!

Takecare :flowers:

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Thanks a lot Sam that's good of you to say so.

It's a bit of shock to the system as I've not been out of work in years so much so that I've taken it for granted.Felt weird this morning getting up and not having somewhere to go,like being at a loose end but I'm sure i'll keep myself occupied till some thing turns up.

I'll miss the certainty of knowing there's money going in the bank every Friday :(

It means i'li have time to spend on my car,do all the things I've not had time to do.Have already had a mate on the phone needing new gear linkages fitted n the gfs hinting about the new garden fence she needs.lol :)

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