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Touch And Go Fuel Price App, Dab And Parking Sensors

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Hi all,

Just picked up a 10 month old 2012 Avensis T Spirit tourer, which I am really pleased with. I have a few questions if anyone can help?

1. Is the Fuel Prices App for the Touch and Go any good - how up to date is it etc....Is it worth buying?

2. The rear parking sensors are extremely quiet, I have to switch the radio off to hear them and even then you can only just make out the beeping....is this normal?

3. Does anyone else have the DAB Radio and find that the signal seems to be pretty poor, I drive 40 miles along the M40 towards London and back each day and it regularly fades in and out - it doesn't completely mute but volume just decreases as signal worsens. I asked the dealer to fit it as an option as it was not standard, they have installed the aerial as they should do on the passengers side of the windscreen too.

4. Is it possible to fit front parking sensors too - has anyone done this and what was the cost?

Thanks in advance for you help/advice :)

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Parking sensors are very quiet, on saloon it pays to move the sounder to a more open situation.

suspect this is also the case on the tourer.

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Toyota fitted sounders are fixed beneath trim panels and are noted for being quiet.

The aftermarket ones fitted by Toyota are better.

I asked for a new position when I had the aftermarkets fitted to my second T27 precisley for this problem.

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Thanks for the replies so far. I have now emailed the salesman at Toyota to ask where the 'Beeper' is located so I can see if I can adjust the position at all. They were factory fitted as they are standard on the T Spirit model.

Has anyone any help for me on the other items, in particular I would love to hear if anyone is using the Fuel Prices App and what they think of it?


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Re parking sensors - according to the installation manual the beeper should be behind the left side boot trim panel.

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