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Ecu Reset Rav4 3 Quiet Surprised

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56 plate 2.0 petrol - After a couple of weeks getting used to our new Rav4 I noticed acceleration in 3rd gear felt a bit sluggish as if the car was holding back a bit. So I disconnected the Battery today for 30 mins, took the MAF out but decided not to clean it as I wasnt happy about spraying all that plastic with electric cleaner. So I reconnected the Battery and took the car for a spin and this is what I observed:-

1) Definite improvement in acceleration - not just in my head but it does pull much better in second and third and could easily get up to 70mph a lot quicker than before.

2) The over revving when changing gears seems to still be there but nowhere near as bad as before.

3) I had a slight whining noise from the transmission / diff (I think), especialy between 40-60mph and it really seems to have settled down. I cant believe the ECU reset would have done this but I'm happy!

4) Idling now settled at 600rpm whereas before it was easily idling at 1000rpm, at first it was idling at at 400-500rpm but I think it was learning and now settled down really well.

So all in all I'm really chuffed with the results - carried out many ECU resets in the past but never seen as many benefits as I have in the Rav!

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hi grasshopper

you say a slight whining noise , i am new to rav4 been a honda driver for years , bought my 2007 xt5 last week and noticed this noise when on the overrun but seems quieter when warm ? its almost like a air being sucked in noise when i am accelerating cant really explain it though

you say disconnecting the Battery gave improvements ....is this safe for me to do? i mean not being very mechanical like... any dangers to doing this will it upset any settings on the car ??




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It will just upset all the tuning on your radio. If you have a tracker fitted you will get a phone call.

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