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2Nd New Engine On 2.0 T-Spirit 56 Plate, 72K Miles

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I have an 56 plate T-Spirit which has done 72K miles. About 14 months ago I had the "top engine" replaced for free due to the known Head Gasket fault. At Christmas just gone I had my EGR valve replaced because it was clogged up beyond repair (so I was told). Last week my Check Engine warning came on again. My local dealer now tells me that the engine they replaced previously is faulty and will need replacing again! They say Toyota will cover the cost; which is apporx. £3000.

Can anyone offer any advice on this matter? I'd expect to get a full refund on my EGR replacement as the faulty engine was responsible for that.

Has anyone else had such bad luck with their D4D engine?

Also, seeing as they will be stripping down my engine, would this be a good time to get my clutch done?

Can anyone explain to me what a "top engine" is?

Many thanks

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I've had 2 engine now from Toyota due to HG failure!... Did the dealer rebuild re-build the whole engine? As you should have had a 3/4 rebuild, which is basically a new engine minus the turbo ect! What a "Top Engine" means I don't know unless all they did was skim the head which is against Toyota's guidlines due to "Shuffle"

Toyota now do not re-build the engines at the dealer and instead now supply the engine from Japan and the dealer fits it! This is due to labour costs at the dealer. I would have the clutch replaced as the gearbox will have to be removed at the time of engine removal.

I wouldn't worry about the cost of an EGR valve if Toyota is stumping up the cost of a new engine! Re the threads on here from member CharlieFarley on the issues with the Oil burners... I would be asking the dealer what they are going to do and if needed contact Toyota UK for some guidance...

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Hi and thanks for the reply!

I'm not exactly sure how much of the engine was replaced previously. Whenever I asked they just said it was £3000's worth and kept mentioning "Top Engine". 2nd gear has felt stiff when cold ever since; whether that's just a coincidence....

I can only assume they will repeat as above this time around. As you say, I would not be happy with a skim. They say I am burning Oil and my EGR is clogging up with something slimey - neither sooty or liquid, but somewhere in-between. They said it was unusual....

I'm not mechanically minded, so I just have to take their word for it!

I'm currently on a 1000 mile test drive, after which they will 100% confirm in engine needs 'replacing'.

I definitely will pursue a new clutch, gunna be expensive though, even if the labour is free!?!

Car is becoming a burden really; I also had all my Injectors replaced after the engine was done. That cost me £1000!

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All to common an issue with the Oil burners! The extended warranty is 112k or 7 years which ever comes 1st!... Take a search for the TSB on the forum that will tell all...

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to be fair we don't know how common it is, only Toyota do. There are hundreds of thousands of 2.0 & 2.2 D4Ds in the UK & yes, it's obviously common enough for Toyota UK to recognize it as a problem & have an official policy for it but if you think that this is probably the no.1 Toyota forum in the UK yet sees only in the low 10s of complaints for it per year. I wouldn't be surprised if it's something like a 1% failure rate or less.

On the other hand it's hard to complain about how Toyota UK have dealt with it by extending the warranty for this issue to 7 years or 180000km (just under 112k miles) for cars that fall within the production period possibly affected [according to the TSB that I have seen for the "Auris with 1AD or 2AD (Prod. Date: Sep 2006 to Sep 2009)"]..

As for the OP judging by what the dealer said I would strongly suspect that they originally replaced the cylinder head, gasket & whatever else was necessary rather than a 3/4 engine.

& we know that Toyota at some point changed from doing that to supplying 3/4 engines either due to cost or because some dealers weren't doing it within spec. & the issue was re-appearing on "fixed" cars.

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Thanks for the replies guys. So do you think I have grounds for complaint because they perhaps didn't do a 3/4 engine last time? Might add some weight to my request to get the Clutch done at discount..? I shall be asking them some searching questions upon my return.......

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Completed my 1000 miles consumption check; dealer said my Oil was fine. They have asked me to do another 1000 miles. Last time they were convinced my engine was faulty and that my (new) EGR was clogged again. Having trouble starting engine from cold; hope it's not the injectors again.

At least they 'confirmed' that last time I did have a 3/4 engine.

See what they say after the next 1000 miles....... Something is definitely wrong as the EGR keeps clogging.

Time will tell I guess.

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