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Toyota Hilux Surf 3.0 Tdi Rear Tail Gate Problem

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Hi guys, I have just bought my first toyota hilux and for some reason the rear window wont drop for the tail gate to come down. I can hear the motor running inside when I use the key or the button inside the cab but nothing. Have taken the panel off the inside but unsure wether to take the whole motor out without having an idea of what the problem could be. Any advice welcome.

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The surf here also has a rear window that doesn't work. It's not my motor and I ain't no mechanic but I believe it is thought to need a new motor.

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It could be that the drive gear on the motor has split off, they can be repaired,

but try another motor, use a nearside rear door window motor, it's the same motor

in 2.4 & 3.0 surfs, that's how I fixed mine.

Hope this helps.


EDIT: click on the link below if you want to repair the motor.



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