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Toyota Servicing; Full Vs Full+

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Does anyone here service their car with Mr T?

Do you know what the difference between the Full and Full+ is supposed to be?

I just had my Yaris serviced and instead of a Full service (Which is what I thought they were doing) they charged me for a Full+ service - From the website the only difference is:

1) Cleaning the MAF

2) Checking the valves (??)

3) Diesel smoke test

4) Replace the diesel fuel filter

and is £60 more.

Had a look at the technician's sheet: It clearly showed the diesel smoke test (Whatever the heck that is) hadn't been done, nor had the diesel fuel filter been replaced. (Apparently this is not applicable to Yaris D4D's?!) so what, the extra £60 is for spraying some contact cleaner on the MAF and letting it dry out and listening to the engine to hear if the valves are tappeting?? That can't be right surely?!

I am on a bit of a rant atm as they also tried to charge me a tenner for a new fob Battery when they blatantly hadn't changed it at all (Defeated by my devilishly complicated flip key apparently) and now I'm wondering how much other stuff they haven't done... :unsure:

I think I'll have to start getting the travelling mech I use for things like clutches to do the servicing as this new Toyota place is really not inspiring confidence in me.

Very shiny spacious new building but I feel I have to keep double-checking everything (Even parts prices which are supposed to be standard! Whenever I ring up they consistently charge more; I'm glad I checked with Kingo and the next nearest Toyota place before buying anything!).

Really regretting that the old place was closed and merged with this new place! :(

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If you asked for a Full service then surely that's what they should have done - not the plus? The Toyota website says the Battery gets changed in the remote for free on the Full and Plus service too!

Mine's due for a service in April so I hope I have more luck.


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Here's how to do it with one version.

But it is included in the full service, not an extra charge either.

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re. the fob key, yes it's dead easy to change in a normal key fob (1 screw, pop off cover, swap Battery!), but I have a non-Toyota flip key which is apparently too complicated for them to change the Battery in :lol: (To be fair, it's TWO Screws :eek::P, but TBH I'd rather do it myself as if they did it they'd probably lose spring, plus when I buy fob batteries they don't cost me £10!)

I don't mind that they didn't change it; What I minded was that they still charged me a tenner for the Battery despite not changing it! (Note: This wasn't an extra charge; They itemize the cost of the parts they use in the service and £10 is listed as the cost of the Battery so to my mind they should have knocked off that tenner on the bill.).

That and I still don't see where the extra £60 for the Full+ goes...

On a related note, does anyone know if the fuel filter is inside the tank on the Mk1 Yaris D4D or is it readily accessible?

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The fuel filter on the Mark1 Yaris D4D is fully accessible - with a little juggling.

As you open up the bonnet it's on your left, in front of the suspension turret.

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Thank you o'master of all things Mk1 Yaris D4D-ish! :D

(Although my brother pointed out to me I should have R'd TFM as apparently it tells you this in the handbook... :bag: )

I wonder why they say it isn't part of the service schedule if it's that easy 'tho... the part is less than £30 from what I've seen!

Oh well, lesson learned, save the £60 next time! :D

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