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Prius Generation 2 Camera Specification.

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Hi, new to the site and have just purchased a 2006 generation 2 Prius T-spirit. Only notice when I got it home that it doesn't have the rear camera or park assist like other T-spirits I test drove. I thought this was standard on the Spirit. Can anyone tell me if these were optional extras in 2006? Log book and badging shows T-spirit. Also am I able to upgrade it easily to a camera or parking sensors? Many thanks.

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I seem to recall our 2007 Gen 2 T Spirit had a rear camera. perhaps it only came in on 2007 model; it was not an optional extra. I am not sure how you can upgrade. A friend who has a Gen 3 2010. He cannot have parking sensors due to the rear view camera. That is what dealer has informed him

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Again, not certain but seem to recall that park assist and camera were options at the time rather than standard, as they became a year or so later.

I doubt you'd have any chance whatsoever of getting park assist retro-fitted, but a third party non Toyota camera would be cheap and easy enough in some form, although getting it to display on the satnav screen wouldn't be. Lots on eBay.If you hop onto www.toyota.co.uk/mytoyota and enter the reg, it tells you what was fitted, if that helps.

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