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215/45/17 Vs 225/45/17 Tyres

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HI all

I am so sorry to start a freash thread (further to my last thread on "budget tyres")

I am still on the hunt for some tyres for my replacement 17" alloys, i currently have 16" alloys with 195/55/16 tyres.

You guys previously advised me to go for idealy 215/45/17's and that i could also go for 205/45/17's...215/45's were working out a bit pricey for a decent brand...

HOWEVER i have just this very moment come across an excellent deal...never to be missed offer...for a very reputable brand...but they are only on offer in size 225/45/17...

Now will those work for me? Can anyone tell me what risks are involved, i'm thinking they're bound to touch considering that i have a basic set up on my 2006 1.6 Rolla.

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Hi Sam

Veracity when he replied to your original thread on budget tyres said he had 225/45/17's fitted - why not ask what issues, if any, he had using a private message

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