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Lucida/estima M-Reg Import - Grinding Problem

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Hi to All,

I am a new member on the forums and am first and foremost not one for car lingo etc but I had a worrying problem start up and I am concerned on what it could be, what is the risk in driving it anywhere.

I bought this car in a mad rush after the birth of my second child but my husbands fourth so we needed a quick buy that could fit us all inside for when they visited. And it has been nothing since problems since day one with the MOT fast approaching and million jobs popping up here there and everywhere.

It is my sole car and I live best part of 7 rural moorland miles away from the nearest anything really so my car is essential to my life.

Day 1 - Went to the shops and on return home the car was making a grinding noise but was not associated with braking.

Day 2 - Went out in my car to pick my friend up from the train station (30 mile return drive). Grinding noise started again only when the car slowed but not only when the brakes were applied. Checked tyre pressure all ok but some major uneven wear was seen on the passenger side brake disc?

Not driven the car since except to down my drive (dirt track est 1 mile) as the snow was due and we cant get down our drive if it snows. It grinded almost the whole way down and on occasion the hand brake light was coming on even though the handbrake was not on and at times was held down???

As I said before I am not someone who knows much about cars hoping I can estimate the repair costs and parts etc.

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the super long post and the lack of technical information but if you need anything else I can try and find out for you. Any help would be really really great!

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What is your motor model ? ... car year ? ... mileage (kilometers) ?

Have you changed the timing belt, Oil, filters after buying ?

Write something more about the noise from engine ... (from where it is ?).

Is there a posibility to check OBD codes in your car ? If yes, check it firstly.

Give me more info about above. Without them it is difficult to say something more.

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