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Aygo 3-Door Rear Speakers

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Hi, I am hoping to change the Speakers in my aygo soon. I have an '07 Aygo+ 3 door with Speakers in the rear below the windows and not in the doors which have very poor sound quality :disgust:. I really want to change these so I was wondering exactly how these Speakers can be changed and if anyone else has changed theirs and also what size Speakers are required.

Thanks in advance. :king:

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Up until mid 2008 Some Aygos where fitted with an accessory fit sound pack "pack1" this added rear speaker in either the rear door or rear quarter panel and oval shaped tweeters in the a-pillars in addition to the standard factory dash Speakers,


From mid 2008>2012 Toyota fitted a new "pack2" which fitted larger Speakers into the front door pockets and a redesigned round tweeter to the a-pillar along with the standard dash Speakers.


These where fitted to the cars at "port of entry"on arrival in the UK.

From 2012 onwards the entry level Aygo just had 2 dash Speakers, posher models had tweeters in the dash & door Speakers in the front door pockets, these became a factory fit rather then port of entry accessories.

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