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Air Intake


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Recently some one refered me something (SPIRAL MAX) to improve my 4x4's performance. He said the more air flows in the better. Is this true? i mean toyota might have thing about it. the have made a good intake system didnt they?

Please let me know if similar things work.

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Hey mate, thanks for reply. Do you know other similar stuff which can improve 4x4 performance without much modification??

BTW do you think this will work?

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I had a hiclone in my landcruiser fitted by the PO. I left it in there out of curiosity for a month and noted my fuel consumption,removed it and noted the fuel consumption.

The figures were so close I am confident it was not making any difference at all. :lol:

This site has the lowdown on all those scams including the spiralmax and hiclone :thumbsup:


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Thanks man. Your true comments will help make a difference. PPL BE WARNED ABOUT SUCH SCAMS. I was about to fall for it.

About HI Clone in Landcruiser, I have 1996 Toyota LandCruiser II (1KZ-T). It also has this Hi Clone system. I will check it out. How did you remove/ what did you remove?

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You get free fitting!!, well thats a joke.You merely place it inside the air filter on top of the carb or where the last point the air enters the manifold for EFI and diesel.Easy as changing the air filter.

They are often sold through mechanics shops where the proprieter gets half the selling cost which is about $200 in Australia.

The mechanic then cleans up even further by telling the customer that to get the best out of the hiclone a tune up is best done in conjunction with the fitting of the hiclone (which is free of course... snigger).

Personally I think any trained mechanic who recommends these should be run out of town :cacker: .

The early hiclones were made in several different sizes to suit the space available.

The newer models are just a flat strip with vents that is cut to length and formed into a cylinder and rivetted. Maybe $2 in a low wage country.

Some other variations include a smaller hiclone inside a larger one for your 4.2 .($200+$150 coz they think people with landcruisers are suckers for punishment :censor: )

There are some homemade designs around on the net you can make with some snips and thin steel plate ,more trouble than its worth. :thumbsup:

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ibmk not sure what your air intake looks like but the hiclone should be inside your air filter.

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Ohh!!! There aint any Hi Clone thing in my LC, i hav been robbed! :D

Actually, i purchased this LC from a German. Since he was my friend, he gave me a good offer. He told me that there is this Hi-Clone thing in it. I think he was robbed by his dealer.

I am really greatful for your help. Thanks mate

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