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  1. 1. Hangovers

    • Drink lots of water
    • Drink lots more beer
    • Get up and work through the pain
    • Excersise and sweat it out
    • Try and sleep it off
    • Curl into a little ball, rocking back and fowards and cry
    • Other (please state)

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sorry im a sado......get down the gym and work it out.

being a rugby player and playing for keighley crusaders we just go down to the ground and beat the hell out of each other. :censor: :ffs: :censor: :crybaby::eek:

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I must have missed you last night bibbs, i was out on my usual drinking challenge.

Was in the Hope tap, then moved to the Pavlos Dog then finished in the Purple turtle.

Were you out in Reading?

I was drinking Jaegermeister all night :wacko: and woke up this morning feeling like some fat bird had been sitting on my head all night :lol:

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Whether it be a hangover or something more serious I find that a nice cup of tea does the trick for me. You can write the day off as far as doing something productive goes but there must be a plus side if we keep doing it... maybe!! Just think of the memories of the night before, umm... if you can!!

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Drink lots of water before you go to bed (several pints!)

In the Morning have a hot shower (as hot as you can stand), followed by an ice cold rinse off for a minute or two. Then to make yourself feel better, have a huge fried breakfast (think Full-English).

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Couple of pints of water before you go out, bread based non-greasy food at end of eve, then Lucozade next day. :thumbsup:

I'm <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ed now tho minus the water first & food part - been at a wedding all day so I'll let you know if just the Lucozade works!

Man it's hard to type p*s**d-up! :lol:

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Sensible option (what a nurse told me when I had alcohol poisoning as a student):

Eat a couple of bananas - they are rich with vitamin e which is what the alcohol breaks down. Followed by a 500ml bottle of coke - to replace lost sugar and give you the needed caffine :thumbsup:

Option that always works for me:

Huge full english fry-up - 2 eggs, 2/3 bits of bacon, shrooms, fresh fried tomato, hash brown/french toast & black pud (optional)

eaten with a huge pot of fresh ground coffee :thumbsup:

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Use the search form, type in hangover, search all dates and look at the one in boxed threads(moderators only).

He was most addament it works :lol:


just had a reflect on the olden days!

have you ever tried it!

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