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Engine Light, Intermittent Slight Loss Of Power.

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Hello peeps,

Have had a Gen 7 140 for a few weeks now. The car has 90k and loads of service history.

A week or 2 ago I went thru a big puddle with it (couldn't avoid it) there was a momentary loss of power a couple of hundred yards later, then a couple of very slight "misses" on the way home.

Next couple of days the car was fine. after that I was driving along when there was quite a big loss of power and the engine light came on.

The big power loss has not returned but I do have the occasional moment where the car will slightly 'miss'. I took it to a local (non toyota) indy for them to have a look at, not sure what code reader yhey used but the indy said the codes were vague and indicated a random slight mis-fire in cylinders 1, 3 & 4. The car had Oil and filter change the day I bought it about 2000 miles before prob. The spark plugs were replaced as were the coil packs by the indy in hope that that would cure the problem, the engine light was reset too. Did about fifty miles before the fault returned and the engine light reappeared.

The problem occurs most when accelerating out of a left-hander.

My question really is, would a gen toyota code reader be likely to pin-point the fault without the vagueness of the indy's reader or are readers which will read, be basically the same? Also are there any ideas or personal experiences with forum members of similar faults on their gen7?

All the best,

Ant. ;p

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Any code reader will work, you plug it in you get a code simple as that, there is no vagueness to it, or they don't know what they are doing. The code tells you what the problem is. Just sometimes there is more than one problem related to the code.

As you went through a puddle I wouldn't be surprised if some water got in somewhere, but I wouldn't know where.

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