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Suspension Suffering - Upgrade Options?

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Hi everyone, i'd like to pick your collective brains on the choices of suspension upgrades/options for the E11 corolla's.

Firstly i'v nothing against the stock setup as it's superior to alot of similar cars, unfortunatley the dampers of my G6 have long lost their ability to perform even the most basic of function. This has left the ride choppy and generally pretty poor, making driving anything above a snails pace rather annoying and covering ground with any degree of speed somewhere between hilarious and ...dangerous! :(

In an ideal world i'd rush out and buy the absoloute best money could buy... but in reality this really will have to wait (for the best setup that is). I'd be very interested to hear from anyone with any shock's rear's, front's or perhaps a full set that are in good working condition.

But more to the point i'd like to find out more about the coilover setup's availible to those of us lucky enough to drive an E11, and people's opinions on the performance (and value i guess) of the options.

So please feel free to share your opinions on the matter, any help/discussion or opinion on the matter will be muchly appreciated!!

Many thanks in advance :)

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Hi charlie,

My E11 has uprated shocks and 40mm springs from fensport. The car's stance look good but the drop and 17's made the daily drive a little bumpy. But when you want to get a move on it made it bearable. If I had the chance again I'd pay more and get the 30mm Eibach springs instead.

Good luck in your search and decision.

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If your shocks are as bad as that, a new set of bog standard ones will probably feel amazing.

If you want a lumpy bumpy hard ride then lower your springs and fit matching dampers :sick:

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Hi Charlie, Welcome to TOC and just up the road from me as well.

I've been through several suspension setups on my 1998 E11 Corolla. First off were Eibach lowering springs and though they are more expensive than some other makes they were sold by TTE (Toyota Team Europe) as an official optional extra for the E11. These were used with standard shocks and lowered my Corolla by about 30mm so nothing too drastic. After that I added Koni adjustable shocks because I had a supercharged 4A-GZE engine transplant and had to support the extra weight. Unfortunately they didn't last very long with the extra weight but they were good while they worked. I wasn't sure what to do with the suspension so I had a full chassis / suspension analysis done which came up with some figures to work with. Caster and camber angles, spring rates, ride height, anti-roll bar size etc. Now I'm running Cusco zero 2 coilovers with the softest springs Cusco do. With the heavier engine these are perfect :clap:for me. If you want some more detail of the changes I've made to my Corolla take a look at my website.

In your situation with a standard Corolla I'd go for KYB uprated shocks and Eibach springs all available from Fensport. Clicky



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Sorry to write here, but I did not want to start a new topic for my question, I hope it won't be problem.

I am completely new here, I am from Budapest/Hungary.

I have an E11 corolla, it was stock, but it has now with 1zz parts,
alloy wheel, tainted windows etc. My next plan is to low the car. What I
would like somehow to looks like:


Dunno sure, but probably these wheels on picture are 16", I have
195/50 on 15" 6.5 wide ET 39 wheels and ok with these, would not like
change (maybe later in the future).

My shock absorbers are stock, also would not like to change, so actually I just would like lowering springs.

How much I should low the car to looks like on the picture?

Is there a good fitting, well applicable lowering springs system
which fits with stock shock absorbers? How many cenitmeters can handle
the stock shock absorber?

I would not like my wheels reach body of the car or any other problems even if I pack the car, or travel with 5 persons.

I found e.g. this one:

Any experience with this?

I appreciate any suggestions, thanks in advance wink.png


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