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Sounds about right for a Toyota main dealer. Could have a look on e-bay, or could try a locksmith that provides automotive keys.

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Yeah, the remote keys are insanely expensive :(

It is possible to buy a remote module and key blank from eBay and program it yourself and then get the key blank cut, but you have to make sure they're both right or it won't work. Even if they are right, it might not work (I tried it with my Yaris but could only get the remote and key working; The immobilizer wouldn't disarm and I ended up paying more for someone to program an RFID with my immobilizer code!)

But for a new one, that's about the going rate I'm afraid :(

That said, it's worth it in a way as if you lose you only master remote key, it's over £1000 to replace it as they have to replace all the locks and ECU! (Although some third-party locksmiths are able to hack the ECU to make new keys, but finding someone who can do that can be tricky...)

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