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Verso 2011 Mpv - Window Tint


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Hi Guys

I want to get back windows Tinted but my car is still under warranty, If I get the work done from non toyota garage will the warranty be void? Does toyota garages do window Tint?

any sugguestion which place is good for window tint and how much it costs?

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I would think that any Toyota dealer offering tints would actually sub-contract the work to a specialist - much in the same way as they do with SMART repairs on used car sales, etc. I suppose with this sort of thing the main risk is damage being done when removing trim - eg removing door cards and cutting the plastic liner rather than removing it - some of which you may not see until a problem occurs.

Thing to remember is that if you have the front door glass done, the tint still has to let 70% of light into the car - whereas the rear door glass can be darker - and you can also be stopped by plod for them to measure the tint using something like a light meter.

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You cannot void the whole car warranty by tinting, but for instance if you ended up with a problem after the door trims were removed, then you would be reponsible for that and not warranty

Kingo :thumbsup:

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