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2001 Petrol Verso-Losing Power Then Stalling.

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Morning all.

My wife's 2.0 petrol avensis verso has the following problem.-

Starts and runs fine but sporadically will lose power to the extent you have to stop and then it will stall.

After a few minutes it will restart and run well again.

Happened to my missus on the Mway the otherday and she was recovered by AA who found code P1310 present which AA man said was coil no3.

No flashing EML light as you'd expect when losing a coil but the EML is and always has been on( codeP0420 and P0430 showing for last 2 years-all 4 cat sensors have been replaced)

I replaced no3 coil and thought it was cured but again today it has conked out only to restart moments later.

Sounds more like fuel starvation to me.

Any pointers appreciated.

I haven't driven the car so can only relate what I've been told.

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Yep sounds like fuel to me as well. Had the same thing on a bike once, basically a rubber fuel line was perished and collapsing under suction from the fuel pump. When I stopped, I would twiddle the fuel tap and the suction went away letting the fuel run through again, for a while, then repeat the whole process.

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