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Help From Cali!


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Hello from Cali! My name is Rod and I am excited to be apart of this forum!

I am currently in the process of buying a 1990 Celica ST-185 At the moment I drive an Acura RSX Type-S with around 176,000 miles on it, and would sell it to obtain the St185.

I am asking for opinions to better my judgement/knowledge in this
process with all of your experiences witht the all trac. I know the pros
is the AWD with Turbo. I am a bit tired of just the FWD from the RSX.

Would this be a wise move? To sell the RSX and replace it with the all Trac?

Thank you in advance!


These are the current mods that have been made, also the specs to get a better picture: Body is in good shape FYI.

1990 Toyota Celica All-Trac ( GT4 )

2.0L Turbo, All Wheel Drive

89k Miles

Engine rebuilt at 84k miles Cometic head gasket, ARP Studs, rebuilt

turbo from Performance Techniques. Water to air intercooler with

aftermarket heat exchanger. 3 inch cat-back exhaust. HKS blow off valve

currently rerouted to the air flow meter. 18 inch wheels, VIS carbon

fiber alltrac rally hood. Kenwood blue tooth stereo, pioneer amplifier.

System 10 Speakers

Tein Super Street adjustable coil overs ( GST18-BUSS4)

Turbo Timer

Front and rear strut tower braces


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