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Avensis Mk1 Burning Smell When Under Load - Rpm 3000 And Over


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Recently bought S plate Avensis 1.8 petrol GLS, 119k miles on clock, runs very smoothly, hasn't given any problems at all, except...occasionally when the engine is under more load than normal, say going up a steep hill, with the revs at or above 3k, there is a "hot" smell of burning, not sure if its maybe an oil smell coming into the cabin. It stops as soon as the load is off again. The temp gauge doesn't move, and there's no other issues, engine note stays fine, drives smooth etc. Fuel consumption is great, the oil looks spot on, as does the coolant levels. anyone got any ideas, is there anything I can do, should I be worried?!


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Check the oil breather pipes.

You did not mention any noises, but since you only just bought the car, you may not have noticed.

You will have to check the engine and listen whilst blipping the throttle. The hose from the throttle body to the cam cover is the one to look for.

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I have a 1998 1.8 Mk 1 Avensis Auto and have had what sounds like the same problem for years - I've had the car for nearly 8 years and I think its always done this - so I never worried about it that much. I have used this forum to try and find out what the problem is but without much success. Someone did suggest it could be something in the autobox.

Konrad - when you say check the oil breather pipes - what should I check for?

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Quick correction. There are two breather pipes between the inlet and the cam cover.

The attached pictures will show the pipes and locations

post-76861-0-21903000-1372256252_thumb.j From the front of the car.

post-76861-0-38808300-1372254946_thumb.j The big centre pipe.

post-76861-0-80623100-1372254978_thumb.j The big centre pipe from the other side. The second pipe in the background.

post-76861-0-72704200-1372255050_thumb.j Looking from left, the second smaller pipe with big centre pipe

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the pictures. Am I just checking that the pipes are in place/not perished/not blocked ? Or something else?

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