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Avensis Tourer 2010 Tr Help Please


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Hi all,

Wonder if anyone has or had problems with the following:

Radio problems, when listening to the radio, the station whistles and breaks up radomly, if i scroll through the source button back to the station it will be ok, the stereo display also disapears which makes me believe its a weak aerial link ?

First gear and reverse gear are hard work to get into when stationary and worse when the engine is cold.

Toyota looked at these problems when serviced but couldnt replicate the radio problem and said nothing wrong with the gearbox

My last car was an avensis hatch 04 which I owned for 6 years with none of the above problems

Any ideas, thanks in advance S.

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the gearbox sounds pretty normal for the 6-speed (some people say that a change to a different gearbox oil improves things).

did your 04 have a 6-speed?

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Hi Scott,

No the 04 plate only had the five speed box but the same 1.8 engine, interestingly the Yoyota garage said they thought the gearbox was normal but the guy who collected the car to and from the dealership said he had a real problem getting it in reverse took him a few attempts.


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Can you select reverse normally with the engine turned off? I had a similar experience with a Vauxhall Astra some years ago which was initially a gear linkage problem (easily fixed) and then (20k miles later) the clutch gave out (mechanic said this could have been due to me driving for 6 months with the linkages out).

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