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Major Issue- Need A New Engine And Some Advice!

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hey everyone :)

I have a 2002 Celica 1.8 VVTi (140) and have just been told the best thing to do is to either get rid of my beloved car or get a new engine!!!

Ideally I don't want to get rid of it but if I could find a replacement gen 7 Celica i'd be more than willing, providing I can get rid of the one I have.

Now, im no expert in mechanics and such but im looking at putting another engine in the car whether it be a straight replacement (with which I know theres issues) or an upgrade to the 1.8 VVTLi (190) or the older ST185, 202, or 205 engine but im not really sure about how to go about it? and if the car is suitable for a straightforward drop in or whether or not the car needs to have work done to accommodate the different engines??

Can someone pleaaaaaase help!

All help is greatly appreciated

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There are quite a few owners on celica-club.co.uk who have replaced their 140 engine with a 190 power-plant, due to the Oil burning issue, so that would probably be the best place to ask for a full list of the parts required. Changing the gearbox is optional, but if you retain the 140 box, it will make "lift" at 6200 revs, a little harder to attain, due to the different ratios.

Fitting an engine from a Gen 6, is not a cost effective option, but you could look for another 140 engine, as long as it is from a face lifted car (52-plate on), to avoid the inherent engine design fault.

Bear in mind replacing the VVTi with a VVTi-L, might make a significant difference to your insurance premium.

HTH :)

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Thanks for the advice! I had been considering changing to the 190 before i found out about the problems anyway :) its the Oil burning issue ive got as well plus its lead to the timing chain starting to fail. Not so bothered about the insurance to be honest just wanna keep my beloved Celica!! Lol much appreciated for the help Scarlett Arrow!! :D

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Easier to swap with a facelift 140 engine

Just remember a 190 conversion isn't just straight engine swap you'll also need


Exhaust manifold and the rest of the exhaust system (bigger bore than the 140)

You could keep the gearbox, but as said above the ratios are different, so you won't land in lift between gear changes but will get better MPG

Speedo/rev counter

If you have the preface 255mm brakes you'll also need the 190's 275mm brakes or fit a big brake kit

I'm sure there are a few other bits but can't remember at the moment

Also more expensive to insure than a standard 190.

Will probable be cheaper to sell yours and buy a facelift 140 or a 190

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cheers Armoredfist! I am seriously contemplating just selling it now and go out and buy a new one :)

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in buying the car drop me a message for more info! the car is still running and driveable :)

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