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Yaris Unable To Go Into Gear

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Hello All
I have a Yaris 2006 5 door car
Today was driving on the motorway then all of a sudden the car seemed to be making a real rattle near where the gears were

so i had to pull over waited 2 hours for AA to be towed back home (Pretty miserable guy i had unfortunately but thats another story)

Now this is the Problem I have

Car Starts fine - switches the Engine revs fine breaks are fine

When i press the Clutch down it goes down fine no problem

Now with the engine off Foot down on the Cluth i try to move the gear stick to 1st and 2nd Gear refuses to move its like something is jamming it

3rd, 4th reverse goes through fine

Now I switch the Engine on trie to go into any gear makes this horrible rattling or scratching noise or like a spinning noise with something stuck in between

thus i am unable to move the car or anything

anyone has any suggestions what it can be

I did ask the AA guy because he was so miserable and uninterested first thing he said to me was "Bearings" then when i got towed away i asked him is it a big job to all he replied was "Gearbox"

I thought allow this guy uninterested to talk - so could not be bothered corresponding with him!


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Sounds like gearbox to me.

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