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Help Required With A 1984 60 Series

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hi folks

I joined the forum some time back when the wife bought a rav4.

but now find I need help with a land cruiser, my wife and her sister run a uk based charity which has built up and runs a day nursery/feeding station in monkey bay, Malawi (Africa) ,recently when the sister in law was out there she purchased a 60 series ( she or the other people with her at the time have very little mechanical knowledge) I've never seen the vehicle I'm travelling out there for the first time this Saturday and have just found out it's got a electrical problem when parked up for any longer than a day

the Battery/batteries appear to go flat, so apart from the obvious faulty Battery, Alternator not producing sufficient charge to fully charge the Battery or faulty Alternator draining the Battery when stood or even something left on that nobody knows about! I wondered if anybody knew of any common faults on this model which could cause this problem as it appears to be producing some charge as it starts unaided after being bump started and driven, also I thought all LCs had 24 volt starting systems, but I'm told this one is 12volt? I know this is a hard question to answer but any obscure bit of knowledge may save a lot of time, trouble and money and it would be nice if I could take out any parts I might need! (within reason)

many thanks kevin

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