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Granvia Rear Gearbox Mount - Cheap Price With A 12 Month Warranty Too


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I just bought a granvia 3.0td import & had an awful squeal/drone/rattle from it.... found out after inspection that it was the rear gearbox mount had persished completely so it's sitting idle until tomorrow til i get one delivered.

Anyways cheapest i could sort of find one online was about £50+ but i've now discovered that First Line do the part (hopefully it is the same but certainly looks it from the webcat image) for £35 +vat and you should be able to order it from any motor factors etc as most deal with them - also has the usual first line 12 month warranty

*Part number is FEM 3776* http://www.firstline.co.uk/ts4/f_graphic_show.php?graphic[]=FEM+3776.jpg&product=Engine+Mountings&action=graphics

Hope it helps anyone out there, but i will update tomorrow on whether it is definately the right part

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Forget the above 'FEM3776'....does not fit.....the bush itself is fine and the correct size but the mounting plate that bolts on via 4 bolts at the top of the gearbox is too short and also welded width wise instead of length wise.....back to the drawing board!

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