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Corolla Compressor Noise?help Please


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Hi guys just bought a compressor with 40k on it.iv noticed all the ones iv looked at including my own have beem quite noisy/rattly from the supercharger? I was put off at first bit after looking at 4 that were all the same I assumed the superchargers are quite noisy at idle??

I was going to change the fluid with the eaton compressor oil and see if it helps at all?

Car drives brilliant and sounds lovely at full chat justnoisy at idle.also when i disconnect the plug from the supercharger the noise goes out of it so its definately that area

Thanks for any help


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I have assumed that removing the plug you have disconnected the clutch to the supercharger ? I have had mine corolla from new it is a bit rattley to this area. I had the oil changed at 20 thousand by toyota i had to get the oil myself it was a klubersynth product. I had to purchase a litre but only used a cup full. Did you know some of the supercharger from new were not filled with enough oil that lead to warranty claims?


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