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Extended Warranty With P2002 Code


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Had my car in Toyota monday after very poor power before the turbo kicked in

Was told it needed modified fuel filter and ecu upload

I had only fitted a dingbro one last week

Anyway let them do the job hope ing of an improvement

Left and After 20 miles or so the car went into limp mode with check engine message and check vsc

Today I was back

After 4 hours they still had no idea whats wrong but told me they have topped up the oil and to monitor once a week for a month recording oil usage and mileage

Also said something about this code being covered with extended warrenty but didn't let much info out

My service book is not upto date and I missed the 50000 intermediate service and just got a oil change with mot

Will I still have a case or do I trade in ASAP

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SR180 - 08 plate - 54500

I think they think its a piston ring

done the last service 50000 service myself so no stamp in book , im a mechanical engineer by trade

any idea where i stand if I get service again this weekend at 54500

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So it has been reasonably maintained?

and as a mechanical enginner I should be qualified enought to change some oil

what do you recon ?

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It's not a case of whether you are capable or not, a lot of people are capable, they are also capable of saying it has been done and it hasnt! If you do the work yourself you need to keep all the records, receipts for parts, oil etc and make a note of dates and mileages. You have to PROVE the car has been reasonbly maintained

Go and speak to your dealer and see what they have to say. It looks like the dreaded oil burning issue, which is covered under goodwill for 112K or 7 years WHICHEVER IS SOONER,

Your dealer will be keeping an eye on the level, make sure you go back after 500 miles so that the can assess the amount of oil used

Kingo :thumbsup:

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