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What Clutch Should I Get


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Hi all,

So I need to replace the clutch in my Celica ssIII, but I don't know anything about clutches so not too sure what type to get

I'm looking for something heavy duty as I do thrash the car around from time to time, but it is also my daily driver.

I had called a clutch company yesterday and they told me that celicas don't generally take well to new clutches so I'd be better off just repairing my current one (I think is a load of crap!)

So for this reason I am requesting advice from those who own celicas...

what would you suggest/recommend for a heavy duty clutch on a daily driver?

something that doesn't cost too much also, as I am a student haha

(car is nonturbo, has 3SGE(BEAMS) engine, if that helps)

Thanks in advance!!!! :)

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