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It saddens me that I am having to part with my 1.8 T Sport.

We no longer need two cars in the family and we have decided our second car is more economical so it has to go.

I have gotten a couple of quotes from online estimates but was wondering what the Corolla collective think.

I have heard that the 5 door model is rare. Is that true?

Spec as follows:

Corolla T Sport 1.8 VVTi

52 plate, 2002

5 door

Thunder grey metallic

Just shy of 58,000 miles

4 previous owners

Not much service history

MOT'd until August 12th 2014

Taxed until 31st October 2013

Good tyres all round plus spare alloy wheel

Never uses any oil

Exterior ok, N/S front wing had a dent which there is still a slight sign of, normal scuffs and marks you'd expect on a car of this age.

Interior ok, just marks on rear panels and ceiling from putting bikes in the car

Drivers door seal has split but does not compromise seal

Sony head unit fitted and 4 door Speakers upgraded to Rockford Fosgate punch

Really have no idea of what price to aim for when I come to list it as it has a couple of cosmetic flaws and because I has low miles also.

Really appreciate any help.


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Try using Parkers (will cost £3.49 as the car is over 10 years old) to get a good valuation and use that to show/tell prospective buyers. There are some insurance sites (confused.com I think) that will give you a valuation if you do a quote as well.


Presume being based in Somerset you are obviously looking at a limited catchment area. Always go a couple of hundred higher on advertising. Try Gumtree and maybe even put it in the surrounding areas in Gumtree. Would be surprised if many people will travel far to buy a car unseen. Guess depends on the price. Do you want to sell quickly or can you wait?

You are also correct in saying that a 5 door T sport is very rare....difficult to say whether that will help or hinder a sale.

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Cool. Thanks for the sound advice.

Will try the parkers website out.

Looking for a reasonably quick sale I guess. But don't want to just give it away.

How many of the 5 doors were produced for the UK then?

Is there much success rate from listing it on the classifieds forum on here?

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Have a look on autotrader and eBay and see what any 5 door T sports are going for......I would suspect £2000 at lowest with £2500 being the very, very maximum but they do seem to be the proverbial hen's teeth so really hard to price up. There are a couple on autotrader from a garage for £3400 but would suggest that is way overpriced even from a garage. Privately those sort of values never happen.

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Yeah. I was going to shoot for £2500. Estimates I was getting were around the £3100-£3400 mark which seemed a bit far fetched.

Will be a shame to see it go though. Good power to weight ratio and bags of fun to drive. With the added bonus of being totally reliable.

Will be missed.

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