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What Does This Switch Do? 1995 Gt Import

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I have an M reg celica gt automatic jap import.

I have no clue about the car except its awesome to drive, reliable as old boots and fast as hell for a 19 year old car,,,, gotta love that pwr button!

Anyway I put the car in for an mot yesterday and got it back today, I went drive to the girlfriends and notice a red switch had been pressed,,,,, This red switch is just under the ignition maybe 20 cm below it down towards the boot release, it has a light behind it to illuminate it so this is how I noticed it had been pressed. (Obviously by the guys doing the mot on it the previous day) I did nto want to press it off as I have no idea what its for and was driving on the motorway.

Anyway I picked up the mrs and stopped at the chinese, left her in the car with just the radio on, I did turn the lights off. Is this red button maybe a boot light or something like that? I have had this car years its a great run about but you know what they say about pressing red buttons so never have.

Got back in the car and went to start it up and seems like I have a flat Battery. Its just making a clicking noise when trying to turm over and if I turn the lights on they are dim etc....... I left the car with radio on for not even 10 minutes after a 45 minute drive. Seems strange to me that the Battery has went flat.

We ended up getting a taxi home as we had dinner to eat, will deal with it tomorrow.

We have had this car for years and its always started and never had flat Battery etc. So just wondering if this mystery switch has anything to do with it.

Another question i have is this although its not related I thought I would ask since Im here. My gt is an auto. It has 4 buttons around the gear stick. It has the overdrive button on the stick which I understand and it obviously has the pwr button, but what does the manual button do,,, I read on google it lets you drive it like a manual but how is that possible?

Also it has a red button above the manu button with japanese writing on it, what is this for,,, im scared to press it.

Anyway I couldn't seem to find a search forum button and finding a manual that shows what these buttons do is proving difficult.

Any help would be appreciated mainly regarding the first mystery red button just below the ignition.

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Copied from Wikipedia:

"On the gear lever you get an O/D button (a light should also come up on the dash), this is your extra gear, it's like an electronic 4th gear. If you need more power and revs to overtake, flick the switch and kick it down and go like the wind.
The ECT switch on the console gives the gearbox two driving styles, one is for fast enthusiastic driving, the other for economical driving (or winter driving).
In NORMAL setting the gearbox will change up gear a little slower and in Power mode, it will kick down right up to the red line if you keep your foot to the floor.
For everyday driving keep the ECT switch set to NORMAL and the O/D switch left on.
Last thought for you, the red button on the console in Japanese, just lets you take the vehicle out of park, when the keys are out of the ignition."

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