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Key Fob Behaviour

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Hi all,

In the last week or so my key fob when opening the car remotely has been a bit unresponsive. Typical behaviour I'm seeing when returning to my locked car:

* Press unlock on the key fob multiple times - nothing happens

* Press lock on the key fob in this situation - it responds (but of course the car is already locked)

* THEN press unlock on the key fob and it responds.

Is this a sign that the Battery is on the way out or of some interference or other? Assuming it's most likely the Battery as it's happening in different locations, but I'm suprised the unlock seems to work but lock doesn't (first time). Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

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You should have two remote keys. Does the other work OK ? I would just open the keyfob up (one small screw from memory) and then remove the module from inside. That contains the remote transmitter and Battery and is waterproof as long as the buttons are undamaged and intact. It just clips together and the Battery is easily removable. Give the Battery and contacts a clean with a cotton bud and alchohol. Do not touch or put fingerprints on the contacts and try to do the same to the Battery too.

Oh, and another good clue... does the red LED on the key light when pressing the buttons that don't work. If it does it tends to point to something other than the key but I would still check it as above if possible.

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Thanks. Was indeed the Battery in the end. Spent a while in a past life with my old Corolla's second key - some pics here in case it helps anyone coming across this - http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/109460-key-fob-not-working/#entry993535

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