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2.0 D4D Head Gasket...again!...any Point Tackling Toyota?

Mr Cav

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I've got a 56 plate 2.0 D4D Avensis Estate. The HG went at 103k miles at which time Toyota did not bat an eyelid in repairing under their extended warranty. Low and behold if 40k later it doesn't go again. Toyota not interested this time, but work a reasonable deal with the dealership to get it fixed. At this time I was told nothing else was wrong or out of tolerance. Sell it I thought, you've got time to holiday through the summer and then swap out in the winter...but low and behold only 10k miles later it's back in pieces with the dealer telling me the MAIN BLOCK is distorted to 'the limits of tolerance'. They will put it back together FOC under the warranty for the last HG, but without a new block there's no warranty on it this time around.

Their quote for a new block - £7000 plus 10hrs labour plus our old friend Mr VAT.

Turns out the first HG repair was only pistons (!?!) HG and a new head (bolts etc... of course) - not an engine replacement. I'm trying to claim that this was inadequate and they should have replaced the engine in the original repair.

Anyone got any experience of if I'm just wasting my time?

...and why is it that dealerships seem to think it's the customers responsibility to fight with Toyota CR and Technical - it's like they suddenly don't have Toyota in their name at all??!!!?!?!

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Unfortunately I'd say you have no chance buddy, best maybe trying to source a late 2009 1AD with the modified block. I really can't see Toyota helping on a car with 143,000 miles - I think partly the reason Toyota changed to the 3/4 engine was because dealer repairs were not always successful.

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9.5k for a new engine? are they pricing every component up separately? Pretty sure you could order an optifit 3/4 engine for about 2-3k and swap your bits over and have change from 5k


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