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P0411 Error Code? 2003 T Sport Celica


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I bought a T sport celica a month or so back, and its been fantastic so far.

However I've been getting an engine light appear, as well as the TRC off and VSC light. First time it happened it was after driving through a bug puddle one evening. I have a bluetooth ODBII reader and the Torque android app. So I could read the error code.

Assuming it was a simply water being forced into a sensor or a random rain induced warning light I cleared it.

That was two weeks ago, its come back today during my drive home from work (coincidentally about 10 seconds after the fuel light came on?).

I've scoured the internet a bit and found it could be a leaky hose for the VSV. But I'm not entirely sure what that is, and where it is to check it.

Anyone experienced this at all and could shed some light on it?


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