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Loud Rattling Noise From Offside Top Of Engine.


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Got a loud rattling noise coming from offside top of engine when she's idling.(D4D t3-s)

The steering isn't heavy so I THINK the bearings in the belt tensioner pulley wheel are knackered as she drives fine.

Anyone had similar experience of this?

Thanx in advance.

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The only time my avensis had a rattling sound was the air con unit was buggered. I could not find a cheap one at the at the time so I got a belt from the avensis without aircon fiited (t22) which by-passed the aircon pully.

does the sound go quieter when you put the aircon on?

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Go with your instinct. Remove the belt and look for play in the various pulley-wheels. It should be fairly obvious which is it fault - To convince yourself that you're right, run the engine with the belt off. Just for a few seconds though.

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