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Hi i just need advice please.

The car only just made it through the the recent mot emissions test (passed with no adviserys)

I am not happy with the emissions result and after a bit of research i think my cat and maybe the injecters are dirty. I have also noticed the car has lost a bit of it's mojo (it's a little bit sluggish for a 1.8) and bad fuel comsumption i also i don't drive on motorways only around town now and then i only use it maybe three times a week if that (Bottom line is i like the car and it's reliability so i don't want to sell)

I have found a product called cataclean the reviews seam pretty good and i have most of the symptoms listed by them

Has anyone else used this or can recomend a better product??

The car is very well maintaned (has been serviced ) and i have done the c/belt

i have uploaded my test results


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There is nothing wrong with the emissions test results. The car passed within limits.

As a famous wheeler dealer said 'A pass is a pass'.

You seem to be answering your own question. If you do short local journeys, the car will use more fuel.

What is needed is a good long high speed drive! That will blow the system clean. Then you may notice the lost 'mojo'. To me the car is getting lazy!

The ECU has to provide a clean emissions first. It learns your driving pattern and your fuel consumption suffers. The car is never or barely warmed when the short trip is finished.

So far I have done about 340 miles since the tank was filled, and that included a trip to Brighton over the weekend. The gauge is showing just below half way. My car is the same 1998 1.8 engine as yours (GLS spec). Always serviced by myself with regular Oil changes at over 6 month period.

I could also say the air filter was changed last week and in the last year the spark plugs (genuine), HT leads, coolant (50% strength), every belt including the cambelt (with new tensioner), has been changed. I got the garage I trust to do the cambelt.

One tip for the leanburn engine - make sure the vacuum switch has not been disconnected from the rod that controls 4 of 8 the inlet side ports.

What petrol are you using? Some brand of fuels are supposed to be better than others.

If you have done all the above and once you take the car for a fast drive, come back and tell me what you think.


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I liked to add. It is a good job you don't have a diesel with DPF, with your current usage. You would have a lot of problems!

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Look at some of the archoil products that can be found on the powerenhancer web sit, as well as the BG fluids. She'll V-Power fuels will help as well as an "Italian" tune up every now and again to get nice hot gases going through the exhaust. Changing the fuel/air filters ect is always a good idea.🚗💨

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