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Engine Ecu

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Hi does anyone know weather a ecu from a corolla d4d would be the same as one for a rav.

Theres a few on ebay. Part numbers are slightly different but they are made in japan like the one fitted to the rav.

Could it be that the ecu is essentially the same but has different numbers as they relate to different cars? Any help appreciated.

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ECUs are made and programmd to suit the way an engine hangs the gether. Even a slight code change might mean its not compatible. There is a couple of chaps on here now and again who know a lot more about the electronics.

Is yer XT3 diesel?

Japan makes lots and lots of ecus, but they do that as normally each engine type needs its own type which is programmed just for that engine. How do you need an ecu anyhoo ??

(May I ask the reason for wishing to purchase another ecu?)

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Hi bothwell.

Yes its a customers dieel xt3.

It originally had the fault tou get when the scv"s pack in.ie.loosing power cutring out.so i ordered some new valves for it and the day the guy was fetching it to me it broke down alltogether and wouldnt start again.so i changed the valves.it started ran for 30secs then went to limp and then stopped and wouldnt start again.

To cut a long story short ive changed filters cleand tank filters.blown out fuel lines.checked the injextors wernt leaking back.and then replaced the high presure pump as it transpired the guy was running it

On red diesel!.

And still wouldnt start.

So saturday checked the pressure rail sensor that was fine and having the correct voltage and signal voltage correct. So checked continuity on the wiring from the ecu to the scv's again no breaks in wires.so checked supply to scv"s found they had 12volt supply but no earth to them.the ecu as i understand supplies the earth/neg.to swith the valves on an off.and there wasno neg coming out the ecu for these.so i cut the earth for one of the scvs and put to ground and it started! And i ran it for few mins soon as i took earth off it cut out.

So im 99% sure its the ecu but as its not my money and the guy has spent a fortune already then i dont want to buy a new one .but theres one on ebay for a corolla d4d for only £30! Which is dam site cheaper than the ones advertised for the ravs on there.

And as i understand the engines are the same 2.0ltr lumps?

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There are garages that specialise in testing ecus. The one I use is able to program them and they have done great work on a truck we have that had its electronics fried.

The ecus, as you know, hook up to all sorts of sensors. If these are similar to the lump you refer to, then give it a try. But I think I'd try one of the folk who repair ecus first...as they will know if theres a fault and what may have caused it. As with our truck, they repaired the ecu but were careful and traced a number of other faults which would have caused the repaired ecu to just blow again.

On the red diesel thing, if our trucks are able to run on red or normal, then there can't be much difference other than the dye. I hasten to add that we use the red diesel on JCBs and other stuff which doesn't go on the road very often.

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Talk to ECU Testing at Heanor, Derbyshire!

They know everything there is to know about ECU's.....I am a very satisfied customer with their knowledge, repair work and turn round service. (Posted mine to them on Monday evening, re-fitted it on Thursday before lunch.......perfect, new vehicle!)

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